A brief history of a road bicycle



1817 april 

Charles Baron von Drais de Sauerbun /1785-1851/ presents in Paris the first machine with a human power and a steering front wheel.



Kirkpatrick Macmillan-stroj powered by pedals and drawbars.



Pierre Michaux makes the first Boneshakers in the Paris workshop. It was a machine with same-sized wheels, which were powered by pedals on the front wheel.


1868 31st May

The first bicycle short-distance race in Paris, in St. Cloud park, 200 m long.



Steel wires and rims were used on Boneshakers. A rubber hoops was used for the first time instead of the steel one.


1869 7th November

A first long-distance race between Paris and Roun, 128 km long.



Frenchman Eugene Mayer creates a first high bike. The wheels with pedals on the front wheel, with a big size difference between the front and the rear wheel. It starts the era of this type of a bike.

In the following year 1870, France stopped the evolution of a road bike because of a war.

The central development is now in England, Coventry, then in the USA.



The beginning of The Facile and Singer Xtra Ordinary production - high bikes with leverage.



The era of Tricycles and Quadricycles starts.



H.J. Lawson creates his first Bicyclette - a machine power by a rear-wheel chain.



The beginning of the Star machine production - a bike with a bigger rear wheel, powered by a leverage and chains.



Hillman, Herbert and Cooper come with a Kangaroo machine to the market. Still a high bike, but with smaller chained power.



Start of an era with lower bikes of todays type. Powered by a rear-wheel chain, with one gear and a rubber hoop. Its a gold era of bicycles, with many ideas and innovations.



The american Eagle is made. With a front and rear high powered wheel.



The Scottish veterinarian J.B. Dunlop comes with a air-filled tire and gets a patent. A complete transfer to a tire from a whoop within 4 years. In the 1892, all bikes have air-filled tires.



First attempts at multi-gear road bikes.



Experimets with the usage of new materials for bike frames, using wood, aluminum and bamboo.



The start of a Johnson derailleur production.