About museum

Dear friends.


The exhibitions of the Museum of bicycles Boskovštejn are mostly in the ownership of the operator of the museum. Part of the exhibition is provided from the collections of the legal entities or individuals.


Here we bring some basic informations about our museum of cycling. It is located in Boskovštejn, in a gothic fortress from 1550, in a baroque mill and surroundings. The area is large and our aim is not only to show our visitors the history of a bicycle but also to enlighten about different evolutional periods and also about new trends in development of road bikes and cycling. The evolution is now spinning in circles and it is trying many dead-ends or it is trying to rescue ideas 100 years old.


In time, the area of the museum will be extended for a bicycles rental and mainly for a test track to try new bike models, electrical bicycles on a pump track or a bike trail. Accommodation and restaurant will be also included…but that is in plan for 2016.


So what can you expect in our museum? We are not afraid to say, that our museum of bicycles is the broadest in the world. It follows the evolution of a bicycle from its beginning in 1817 up to today.


The exhibits are borrowed from several private collections worlwide and we were also able to assemble a few exhibitions, that are unique in the world.


Here are some examples:


-    the exhibition of race road bicycles from 1880 up to current time, including also an evolutions of race derailleurs

-    the exhibition of bicycles with Colnago frames

-    the exhibition containing a complete summary of components for road and mountain bikes made by Campagnolo from 1936 up to today

-    the exhibition of an evolution of mountain bikes starting in 1984

-    the largest worldwide exhibition of bicycles with wooden frames including many rare exhibits

-    a representative exhibition of Tricycles from 1884 to 1910

-    the broadest exhibition of Hard tire safety bicycles. It covers bikes from 1884 to 1892. The first bikes of today’s type, driven by a rear chain, with many types of frames and systems aiming for the best suspension. The bikes still have a full-hard tires

-    the exhibition of a french company Terrot - one of the biggest bike manufacturer at the turn of 19. and 20. century. The company is known for many unique derailleurs used on their bikes. This exhibitions is the largest of its kind.

-    a collections of beautiful Quadrant bikes from the years 1896-1902.

-    the exhibitions of high bikes with its derailleurs

-    a beautiful exposition of lithographic posters from the years 1888-1910 containing over hundred pieces as well as the original lithographic press from 1886.



And that’s not all. You can also find military, travel or children bikes or elegant female bikes….But also many accessories and and item relating to the world go bicycles, one of the phenomena of past centuries but also current times.



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